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Someone texted back right away. Take him as an example and pipe the fuck down, shut the fuck up, calm yo fucking tits, and text the fuck back. I ain’t havin’ any of y’all shit no more, mmkay. I came out to have a good time and I honestly feel so attacked right now.

elliesscrapbook said: I’m doing literal texting back. Here’s some text. Well, that was it, hopefully everyone will text back ASAP ;)

Thank you. I wish men were as fast as you. So incompetent, I don’t know why I fancy them.

What’s up with youse not messaging me back. Seriously. Just text the fuck back or something. All of youse. I got better things to do.


Came so quick, the sex tape was a vine

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(Source: rlmjob)

So I’ve been listening to Roo Panes a lot recently so I decided to see what he actually looks like and holy shit. I’m a fan of his face too now.

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No one here to witness my “great” hair day.

Walking around the park or driving around in Watch Dogs? Life conundrums…

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